Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The most powerful refresher? - SMN/COR

So, since I've gotten level 80 SMN (I should make a separate post about that), one of the things that I ardently support is the idea of SMN as a support job. Now comes along a combination of abilities that seems to enhance that.


When the SMN hits level 80, Evoker's Roll becomes available, a powerful refresh effect combined with Diabolos's favor, a powerful refresh effect falls upon all party members within range.

Evoker's Roll, when subbed, allows up to +3 MP/tic, with the average being +2, combined with the potential +4 MP from Diabolos's favor conjures up some amazing results.

Pretty much, the only job that can possibly match that is a Bard with Gjallahorn. And those are rare, and better off with melee.

Note: To get the most out of Evoker's Roll, be sure to stay between V and X. Aim for XI if you can, But if you get a VI, just stay there, as that's a +2 MP/tic right there.

In short, +7 potential, +6 average, refresh from a single job. Perfect for any mage heavy party.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trends from the job updates

Hello. Long time no post. Yeah, didn't have much to say, and I really do stink at this whole "blogging" stuff.

Anyway, major major updates in Final Fantasy XI, with the really big one being the job updates and the raising of the level cap up to 80 (with 99 on the way). This post is an attempt to analyze where SE is going with what they've released.

General: SE seems to be promoting Skillchain and Magic Bursts. With the large number of traits available, it seems most of them deal with magic bursting and skill chaining.

It also seems that SE is diversifying roles a bit here with the release of new job traits. For example, WAR has a new trait that will allow it to do more crits with a shield equipped. It also has the Shield Defense bonus, which is the same as PLDs. Frankly, I'm surprised I don't see more WAR/PLDs doing tanking. Then again, I shouldn't be surprised too much when the playerbase pigeon-holes WARs into DD roles, and then whine that there aren't enough tanking jobs.

Job Specific things:

WAR - More tanking abilities, as well as a way to increase WS damage. I wonder how Restraint and Mighty Strikes work together.

THF - More steal

BST + RDM - SE has no idea what to do with these jobs yet.

BLM - More survivability. Who needs Stoneskin when you have Mana Wall? I hope this encourages more BLMs to go /SCH, which will do more for their DD capabilities.

DNC - Huge gain. Can natively dual wield now (which about stinkin' time! Off hand choices stink with DNC). And a new ability which allows a DNC to get a full compliment of finishing moves in 20 seconds. I don't feel too guilty about not taking the No Foot Rise merits now. ^^ Climatic Flourish seems to be nice, especially stacked with Building Flourish.

SCH - They want SCH to be a "tactical mage" which is what I figured SCH to be all along. Too bad most of the playerbase views SCH as nothing more than a BLM with a tassel. Too bad, also, that Libra doesn't have much application yet. Information is always useful, but information without application isn't so much.

Beyond 80:

Every job will get something new between 80 and 85, 85 and 90, 90 and 95, and 95 and 99.

SCH will get more spells that will allow better use of Libra.

PUP will be a tanking automaton (I'll post more on this later).

BLM will get Meteor (but not until the final push to 99).

RDM will be better defined as a buffer and debuffer.

SE will have no idea yet to do with BST. I don't think anyone knows exactly what the problem is with BST yet. (I'll post on this later)

Anyway, exciting times to be a FFXI player. ^^

Friday, May 14, 2010

Update time! Thoughts on jobs to 80

So, the update notice has gone up, and now it's a question of if or when, but which job will I take to 80 first. Thoughts below

Summoner: Summoner is my first love of job, and still my favorite, although PUP takes a close second. I'll probably take this job up to 80 first. My prediction for new stuff for Summoner up to 80. Between 75 and 80, there will be new bloodpacts. Specifically, new Ward Bloodpacts. I'm going to guess that Ifrit and Ramuh will get new Ward bloodpacts. How useful they are will remain to be seen. At 80, all avatars (with the exception of Carbuncle, Diabolos, and Fenrir) will get new Rage Bloodpacts. These will most likely be of the physical variety, and they could, potentially, be more powerful than the 70 Rage Bloodpacts. Also, with the raise in level will increase the our Summoning Skill. While this won't mean much for Bloodpacts, it will mean something for the Avatar favors, which will grow more powerful. For example, Diabolos Favor will be potentially as powerful as a lucky Summoner's Role (with the Summoner in the party), or even as powerful as the Gjallhorn Bard's double ballads!

Puppetmaster: I don't see much change between 75 and 80 to be honest. Maneuvers will still add in +6, and I suspect they won't rise to +7 until 90. But, the puppets will become more powerful with the skill levels. For example, Valoredge and Sharpshot will do more damage (remember, automaton skill does more than accuracy, but also affect attacks!). Spiritreaver will finally learn Thunder IV, but I doubt we'll see Tier V magic, even with 5/5 Magic Skill, until at least 81. Soulsoother probably will learn Regen III or Cure VI, or whatever Square Enix. As far as Stormwaker goes...I have no idea. At 75, it already knows Thunder III and Cure IV, but perhaps it will learn the Tier IV magic and Cure V.

Scholar: It's been said at Vanafest that new strategems probably won't be added, but I do think that Scholar will get one additional strategem charge at 80. Of course, this means that strategem charges will recharge faster (let's see...240 seconds divided by 5...42 seconds per charge!). One thing that worries me, though, is that the one thing that makes SCH so desirable in parties is the Accession/Manifestation strategems. While those who sub SCH will get less charges and still suffer from the same penalties, it will still ruin what is unique about SCH, and what's desirable. I hope this doesn't overshadow SCH too much as a job, and that SE will give SCH something unique that will still give people a reason to invite SCH.

Dancer: Hard to say with this one. SE has a tendency to give new dances to DNC every 5 levels, and I doubt the trend will change even now. Which new dances will be hard to say, but I hope it's something like an upgraded Divine Waltz, or even a Raise dance. Or maybe an Anti-Flourish, as SE had hinted in Vanafest, that will give DNC some TP without the need to fight.

As you can read, the speculation abounds, but only time will tell what will happen in the future. Oh, and I do plan on getting Abyssea when it comes out.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thoughts on: Summoner update

So, this morning, we had a Dynamis-Buburimu run. Nothing exciting to note really, although I had a turn to target for the linkshell. Being a Puppetmaster at the time, it was sorta fun that the entire shell was an army of puppets, obedient to my command. "Dance, my puppets, dance!" Leader threatens a Tavnazia run soon, but I'm holding my breath.

Anyway, today I thought I'd share my thoughts on the future of Final Fantasy XI. Obviously, with the cap eventually going up to 99, the game is going to change rather radically. So, I thought I would start off with my first and favorite job of Summoner.

As stated on the Vanafest website : "Already set to receive two long-awaited new avatars, summoners can also expect to see more down the line after the level cap increase, as well as all-new blood pacts for existing avatars."

So, this means two things. First, and last, that all the existing avatars that we have will be getting new blood pacts. Can I say a duh to this one? I would be shocked if the developers threw in 24 levels without giving one single new blood pact.

Second, and more interesting, is the line "Summoners can also expect to see more [avatars] down the line after the level cap increase..." I'm going to call it now. Bahamut will be summonable. Now, I know, and I was there when they said it, that they didn't want Bahamut to be summonable. But, they also said that the level cap wouldn't ever go above 75 too. With the release of Alexander and Odin as 2 hour only avatars, I would not be surprised in the least to see Bahamut released also as a 2 hour only avatar, who can do mega damage against any monster in the same fashion.

But, if you're going to release new avatars, SE, would it be too much to ask for a light based avatar with the same strength as the other (stronger than Carbuncle)? Please SE? It would be nice to justify getting that light staff from the Trial of the Magians.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3 Pieces left!

Got 25 body today. Two of them dropped, so it worked out for the other guy who also wanted it too.

Just need the 25 head, 15 body, and 35 feet, and I'll be done with Marduk! :D

Sunday, May 2, 2010

For Sale: 100 piece Dynamis Currency

So, my gil stash is getting low, and I need it for the mithra hookers and chai at the tea house. So, since I do Dynamis every now and then, I occasionally get 100 pieces, both from drops, and through the cumulation of dynamis currency.

So, on sale I have 2 pieces of 100 piece currency.

100 Byne bill: 600,000 gil
Lungo-Nango Jadeshell: 1,200,000 gil

Now, as you may notice, they're a bit lower than normal. That's because these are priced to sell. But there is a catch.

I don't want this currency to be turned around and sold on the Rolanberry black market. Rather, I want this currency to go to someone who actually is using it to upgrade a relic weapon. So, there are a few conditions before I'm willing to trade.

1) You must meet me in person. As I'm on the Phoenix server, only those on the Phoenix server may apply.

2) You must show me a level 3 or level 4 Relic weapon. Level 1 doesn't count, level 2 doesn't count, and having a completed weapon doesn't count. Why the requirement? Level 1 drops regularly in Dynamis, and level 2 doesn't really require that much. If you get it up to level 3 or higher, it shows that you are serious about upgrading.

Now, if you meet these two requirements, send me a tell, and we can start our business transaction.

Also, I have 20 Ancient Beastcoins for those upgrading relic armor or want Limbus stuff. 5,000 gil each, or 90,000 gil for the whole lot. Act now as supplies are limited!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Random thought

So, I just noticed that I have all three Usukane leg pieces.

The question remains: Do I drop all my Marduk pieces now so I can get my Usukane, or do I just keep the Usukane pieces in my inventory for now? I am levelling NIN right now, and have 15 pieces would be hawt.

And I need to do Haste Samba merits...

And for that matter, why am I always at the last post of the day on tarutaru times?


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